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By Megan Miranda

Delaney Maxwell falls through the ice, somehow surviving 11 minutes under water until her best friend Decker pulls her out. Recovery and getting back to normal is a struggle as she begins to feel the urge to seek out people who are dying. Or perhaps they are dying because she has sought them out! Whatever is happening to her, Delaney feels alone until she meets Troy Varga. He has just recently emerged from a coma with similar abilities to Delaney’s. Is their ability a special gift or is it a freak of nature type thing or is it much more worse and can she trust her new friend?.
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The fault in our stars
By John Green

This book will break your heart and yes you will want tissues. It is having huge success everywhere at the moment. Hazel has cancer and is attached to an oxygen machine. She meets handsome fellow cancer patient Augustus. Hazel can’t believe how anyone as lovely as Augustus could ever be interested in her. This book really is all everyone is talking about at the moment. Read it for yourself.