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How NOT to stop a kidnap plot

By Suzanne Main

ISBN 9781775434801

Scholastic NZ


Michael is on a mission. It is one he is unprepared for and actually doesn’t want, especially as the mission is to save his sworn enemy, Angus, from being kidnapped. In his attempt to avert the kidnapping, Michael and his best friend Elvis follow whatever leads they can find. Some of the leads get them in to trouble and involve breaking a few laws. While not exactly wanting to end up as criminals, they do have to decide how far they will go in order to keep Angus safe from the kidnappers. They do of course have to work out who the kidnappers are and that could be almost anyone. 

This is a great read with lots of action, a little bit of revenge that doesn’t quite happen the way Michael wants it to happen, humour and most importantly, likable and believable characters. Michael is not perfect, but he is genuine and a good friend to have. Despite some initial bullying and a definite dislike of Angus, Michael realizes that sometimes the best thing to do is the right thing. A good read for ages 8 plus. Thoroughly enjoyed the journey and meeting Michael and his friends.

Michael and Elvis have had other adventures in Suzanne’s previous novel How I alienated my Grandma. I confess it is a book I haven’t read yet but after enjoying this novel, I will definitely be looking to read their other adventures.

Two good fantasy novels

Juniper Berry : a tale of terror and temptation
By M. P. Kozlowsky

11-year-old Juniper begins to suspect something is wrong with her mother and father. They are not the nicest of people and far from the loving parents they used to be. What she discovers is that they have been selling their souls, bit by bit to a silver-tongued creature in a terrifying fairy-tale underworld.
Good fantasy for primary school age.

Wildwood Book 1 in the Wildwood Chronicles
By Colin Meloy
Prue McKee’s life changes when her brother is kidnapped by a murder of crows. Prue and her friend must go into the forbidden Impassable Wilderness in search of him but there is danger all around. Good fantasy for 9 years up.

The space between also published as Smoulder
By Brenna Yovanoff

Daphne is the half-demon, half-fallen angel daughter of Lucifer and Lilith. Such a combination can only mean trouble. Her brother Obie is kidnapped, forcing Daphne to leave Pandemonium and travel to earth to look for him. Archangels stand in her way but she is determined to find him. On her quest she begins to realise what it means to love but loving in a human world brings its own troubles. The cover of this book alone is enough to tempt you to read it. This is Yovanoff’s second novel. The trailer to her first book The replacement can also be found on this blog.

By Maile Meloy

Kidnapping, a sacred book, Russian spies, danger, mystery and adventure. Can Janie and her new friend Benjamin rescue his father and save the day and their own lives?

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

I loved her Shadow children series so am looking forward to this new one. Jonah was adopted but he knew that and it wasn’t an issue. Now he and his friend who is also adopted begin to get mysterious letters. “You are one of the missing”. ANd what has it to do with the FBI?