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We found a hat

By Jon Klassen

ISBN 9781406347517

Walker Books

Readers of the first two hat books will delight in this third and final picture book in the hat trilogy.  We found a hat is funny in a dry sense of humour way that leaves you smiling and feeling good.

Two turtles have found a hat.

The hat looks good on both of them.

But there are two turtles.

And there is only one hat.

In both This is not my hat and I want my hat back, there are consequences for actions, most drastic of course is being eaten. Here though, we have a sense of the growing understanding of the value of friendship. Even though both turtles want the hat, we see a mutual acceptance of the situation.

Klassen, even in the simplest of illustrations has the ability to use characters eyes to really show expression. I love the eyes in all of his books. They show character and personality, both good and bad thoughts and are certainly a highlight in his storytelling.

This is one of those special picture books that adults will love as much as children and one that will be read over and over again.


I love this trailer too and couldnt resist singing (very badly) along side the video. Another wonderful book from Jon Klassen and Walker Books.

As always, cover and trailer are copyright to Walker Books.


By Anna Walker

I love Anna Walker’s illustrations. They are soft and just have so much appeal. Her books always leave you feeling good after reading them.
Peggy is a chicken who enjoys life to the full. One day she is blown far away from her home after stormy weather. Her adventure in the big wide world and her eventual return home is just a delight to read.

This is not my hat
By Jon Klassen

Klassen delighted us all with I want my hat back and his latest book is just as good. The illustrations are quirky and the story a good moral on stealing. Great for fun reading or using in class on issues of honesty but in such a fun way.