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A couple of picture books for young readers to enjoy.

The magic Mr. Whizzletoff

By Sarah Bannister

“The story is written in a rhythmical rhyming style. Full of imagination and descriptive words; it describes a magical place. To enter this world, children need to find the special area. Suddenly they are submerged into a completely new world! Once there, they can meet a magic man, however they will need a code for him to appear.”

Picture book aimed at four years and up.


Ice cream work

By NaoshiFrom the mind of Japanese artist Naoshi comes the sweet and charming world of Ice Cream Work which is full of visual surprises for readers of all ages. It is the story of an ice cream cone man whose search for work takes him to many places with many challenges along the way.


 I want to eat your books

By Karin Lefranc

“This monster book is silly and fun, with a strong message about kindness and friendship. The little zombie teaches kids not to jump to conclusions and to give everyone a chance. And when a real-life mummy shows up, the zombie is the first to step up and offer the mummy his friendshipand to teach her a few things about the joy of books. This is the perfect monster book for little ones who want a thrill but aren t looking for anything too scary.”