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How to be famous

By Michal Shalev

ISBN 9781776570300

Gecko Press



The pigeon at the centre of this very funny picture book is very self-absorbed. Coming from a long, long line of very famous pigeons she is of course, in her own, not so humble opinion, even more famous than the others. Pigeon lives in a zoo with animals everywhere and visitors taking photos of the animals.  I love how she poses for photos with the other animals totally believing people are taking photos of her because of how famous she is. The truth is just a little different and a whole lot funnier.

The laugh-out-loud ending will delight readers of all ages.

One of the key points of the story is that if we are so busy showing off and being full of ourselves, we often miss just what is going on around us. Is there a lesson in there somewhere about being overly confident – sure there is – but I would read this over and over again just for the fun. Despite her rather large ego, she is a character that will win friends with readers. I certainly love her.

For teachers this is a great read, especially at the start of the year when new classes and groups of students are being introduced. To make the most of this picture book  Gecko Press have supplied teaching notes here.

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