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The school for good and evil
By Soman Chainani

I have to say this one of the best trailers out there. Very good quality and in fact one of those ones that actually make you want to go out and see the movie. But it is for the book and the book sounds just right for middle grade readers who love a bit of fantasy and believe in fairy tales or at least the magic of story.

Sophie and Agatha are best friends at the School of Good and Evil. Sophie is aiming to be the best she can, following in the ranks of top students like Cinderella, or Rapunzel. Agatha on the other hand seems more destined to follow the trends of evil. But the girls find themselves in opposite quarters and maybe there is a reason. Just maybe it will the first clue to discovering who they truly are!

Check out the book’s very cool website
The colours on the web page and cover of the book are beautiful. All blues and purples and just gorgeous. I know the US release is only days away and I am not sure when or maybe even if this will get to New Zealand but it is one to watch out for.

Seven wonders
Book 1 The colossus rises
By Peter Lerangis


This first book in a new series isn’t out until next month but I am so keen to read this that I can’t wait to share the trailer.

If you really can’t wait you can check out the Seven Wonders site and read the first chapter.

Jack has just been told he has only months to live but mysteriously he awakens one day on an island where a secret organisation promises to save his life. There is of course a condition to this promise. One which will have Jack and his three friends trying to locate seven lost magical orbs, which once combined, will save their lives. However, the orbs have been missing for centuries. Lost in the ruins of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. And the series begins with the Colussus of Rhodes.
This promises to be a good action packed read and I can’t wait.
According to Rick Riordan of the great Percy Jackson series, this book is “a high-octane mix of modern adventure and ancient secrets”.

Splat the cat says thank you
By Rob Scotton

I love all of Rob Scotton’s Splat the cat books. He is just the most gorgeous but often naive cat character. The illustrations are just wonderful, soft and cute and draw you in immediately. Not sure when this latest book will hit New Zealand shores but I can’t wait. His best friend Seymour is of all things a mouse. Not your usual friendship but they are firm, loyal friends. Great to read with really young children and even older ones. Splat is just the best.

Two good fantasy novels

Juniper Berry : a tale of terror and temptation
By M. P. Kozlowsky

11-year-old Juniper begins to suspect something is wrong with her mother and father. They are not the nicest of people and far from the loving parents they used to be. What she discovers is that they have been selling their souls, bit by bit to a silver-tongued creature in a terrifying fairy-tale underworld.
Good fantasy for primary school age.

Wildwood Book 1 in the Wildwood Chronicles
By Colin Meloy
Prue McKee’s life changes when her brother is kidnapped by a murder of crows. Prue and her friend must go into the forbidden Impassable Wilderness in search of him but there is danger all around. Good fantasy for 9 years up.

By Sarah Prineas

This fantasy adventure is due for release next month and is another book I am looking forward to reading.
Fer lives close to the Way. “The Way is a path leading to another place, where the people are governed by different rules. Magic runs through them and their land”. Fer rescues a creature – he looks just like a boy but is far more than that. He takes her through the Way and a passage to a dangerous place where she must unlock secrets and stop Winter from descending on everyone forever.