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You can do it, Bert

By Ole Konnecke

ISBN 9781927271438

Gecko Press


This is a gorgeous picture book about Bert, a young bird who is ready and waiting to take a risk and do something he hasn’t done before. He is ready both mentally and physically, but perhaps just not on the first attempt. But Bert doesn’t give up. Will he succeed – of course! This is perfect for children who may just need a little encouragement to try something new. This could just as easily be a book about starting school. Simplistic in its style, both illustrative and textually, allows the characters to be the centre of the story. Great for pre-school.

Teacher notes can be found here to make the most of this picture book.



I don’t want to go to school
By Stephanie Blake


Gecko Press

school (Small)

Simon the rabbit is back! We all fell in love with Simon in the best-selling book Poo bum. Well Simon is now about to start school and he really doesn’t want to go. No matter how hard his family try to coax him, he repeatedly tells them “I don’t want to go to school”. Does he go? And if he does what is going to happen? Bright colours, simple story that captures the feelings and anxieties about starting school but with a great outcome which is sure to appeal to young children in the same situation.

Ko Wai E Huna Ana?
By Satoru Onishi

Published July 2014
ISBN 9781927271476
Gecko Press

ko wai
It is lovely to see the Te Reo Maori edition of this popular book Who’s hiding. A delightful book where young readers are encouraged to look to see who is hiding, or who is crying or so many other choices. They have to work out if it might be a tiger or hippo or again any other number of animals. Not only do children learn the names of animals or learn to recognise colours, they also learn to read expressions. This is great as a teaching tool for so many children who struggle with the concept of how facial expressions can tell us so much about each other. While the English version has been around for a while this version is great for anyone learning te reo Maori. I do especially like the green smiley hippo. His grin is just precious!

The cake
By Dorothee de Monfreid

ISBN 9781927271445
Gecko Press

This book is all about a bunch of animals and a particular tiger who wants to bake a cake. The illustrations are bright, bold and quirky. The text is funny and so real I can recall watching young children reacting pretty much the same way. The animals, all want different cakes made from their own favourite foods. Everyone has an opinion, but will tiger listen?
This would be great to read aloud to preschoolers but even five and six year old’s will giggle.
Just when you think you know what is going to happen next there is a wonderfully funny laugh-out-loud twist at the end. And I did laugh out loud. Gorgeous! Do keep an eye on tiger’s facial expressions. They really are priceless. Perhaps a lesson on being a team player underlies the story but it is done in such a way that readers will delight in the humour while learning about friendship and fairness without even realising it.