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Once Upon a Wild Wood

By Chris Riddell

ISBN 9781509817061

Macmillan Children’s Books

Many who have read this blog before know I am a huge fan of illustrator and author, Chris Riddell. His newest picture book, the first in about ten years and only just released, is simply beautiful, stunning and a whole heap of other feel-good adjectives. It arrived at school today and I was so excited I pulled the wrapping off in haste and was smitten. Within in a few minutes I was ordering another copy for a teacher sitting next to me. 

Oh my goodness, where to start!

The hardback cover has a cut out centre. Little Green Rain Cape is framed right in the centre of the cut out, book in hand, as she steps in to the wild wood. We can see the different fairy tale characters peeking out from the trees, all looking directly at the reader. We can’t help but want to step inside the wood with her.

Little Green Rain Cape enters the Wild Wood on her way to a party. Her backpack is full of all the things she might need on the way. She is wise and well prepared for almost anything.

On her journey Little Green meets many of our favourite fairy tale characters but they are not quite where you think they might be. The stories are delightfully mixed up. The golden harp is very fickle and looking for a new owner. The three bears, the 12 dancing princesses, and so many other characters make an entrance. The trees too, are quirky and their facial expressions are gorgeous. They smile and frown and we can see their compassion and their own little personalties. 

I’m in love with the colourful illustrations and the magic and story of the Wild Wood. I am also left hoping there just might be another adventure in the Wild Wood for Little Green Rain Cape.

This is certainly a book to read again and again. Parents will enjoy sharing this with children and talking about fairy tales. Teachers will love it for so many reasons, not just as a picture book to read aloud, but a great resource for creative writing, fractured fairy tale studies and heaps more.

Love it to pieces! 


The school for good and evil
By Soman Chainani

I have to say this one of the best trailers out there. Very good quality and in fact one of those ones that actually make you want to go out and see the movie. But it is for the book and the book sounds just right for middle grade readers who love a bit of fantasy and believe in fairy tales or at least the magic of story.

Sophie and Agatha are best friends at the School of Good and Evil. Sophie is aiming to be the best she can, following in the ranks of top students like Cinderella, or Rapunzel. Agatha on the other hand seems more destined to follow the trends of evil. But the girls find themselves in opposite quarters and maybe there is a reason. Just maybe it will the first clue to discovering who they truly are!

Check out the book’s very cool website
The colours on the web page and cover of the book are beautiful. All blues and purples and just gorgeous. I know the US release is only days away and I am not sure when or maybe even if this will get to New Zealand but it is one to watch out for.

The haunting of Charity Delafield
By Ian Beck
Random House

Aimed at younger readers this book is quite delightful. Charity is kept at home locked away from everyone and the outside world. As her 13th birthday approaches her father threatens to send her to boarding school but after years of being kept in the dark about her past, Charity has the urge to find out more. But at what cost. A great story for primary school students.
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Thank you Lani Wendt Young (author of  yesterday’s post book) for stopping in to visit this blog. What a lovely surprise. Check the comment to see where you can purchase her book Telesa : the covenant keeper. You can also find out more about Lani on her site.

For today though check out the trailer aimed at a younger audience of readers.

A tale dark and grimm

By Adam Gidwitz
Penguin Books

Hansel and Gretel leave their own story and into the forest of eight other fairy tales. Mischief and mayhem and a whole lot more. Fairy tales with a twist.