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Belle epoque

By  Elizabeth Ross

What an intriguing book trailer. Love the sepia tones and the whole bohemian Parisian atmosphere.

It is a time when the city thrives on beauty, decadence and loose morals.

Maude Pichon runs away ending up in Paris. Life is not as she expected and she is soon desperate for work.

She takes a rather unusual job where she is hired to be a friend. The idea is that the wealthy can hire a plain friend making the wealthy instantly more attractive.

Maude is hired to befriend headstrong Isabelle, the daughter of Countess Dubern but Isabelle is not privy to this secret hired friend.

The whole idea of hiring friends is rather abhorrent but secrets always have a way of being found out. Deception and decadence sounds like a really good mix. I will be looking out for this one.