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Winner of the Joy Cowley Award

The little ghost who lost her boo!

By Elaine Bickell

Illustrated by Raymond McGrath

ISBN 9781775435754

“I’ve lost my Boo! I’ve lost my Boo!

Where has it gone? What will I do?”

What do you do when you are a little ghost and somehow you’ve lost your boo? You go searching of course, and that is exactly what little ghost does. She searches everywhere and asks all her friends if they have seen her boo. We meet lots of different animals and birds, but do they know where her boo is? It doesn’t seem like she is having much luck at first but wait for the ending which requires reader participation to complete the story.

The illustrations are quite adorable, especially poor little ghost’s looks of disappointment, worry, sadness and of course, happiness. I do love the rooster’s feathers all beautiful and detailed and taking up a whole page.


Picture book reprint

Grandmas McGarvey joins the scrum

By Jenny Hessell

Illustrated by Trevor Pye

ISBN 9781775436034

Grandmother McGarvey has been around for 30 years and this reprint brings her back for a whole new generation of readers. It’s not everyday you see a Grandma toughing it out on the rugby field, head down in the middle of a scrum with a rugby team, but that is exactly what Grandma McGarvey does. Totally by accident, of course. Why she is there will all be revealed when you find a copy of this latest edition. The story is funny and with a good kiwi feel to it.

Junior novel reprint

Lily has a secret 

(Book 2 in the Lily the Littlest Angel series)

By Elizabeth Pulford

ISBN 9781775435921


First chapter books carry a lot of responsibility. They need to have a good story to capture the imagination of newly independent or emerging readers. Short chapters, decent size font, illustrations to help break up the text, and words readers are familiar with as well as a few new words to challenge. The Littlest Angel series of books  provides all that and more.

Lily has a secret. A warm, fluffy, cute and injured kitten. How will she keep it a secret, especially when one of the rules, is no animals allowed? There is also the matter of a performance to put on, which is quite difficult when you are trying to hide a kitten.  Lily somehow always manages to break things, or get herself into some sort of trouble but she is sweet and likeable and really only wants to do the right thing. Good first chapter book and beyond.



Book three in The Bloodtree Chronicles

By Elizabeth Pulford

ISBN 9781775432876

Scholastic NZ


While Thatchthorpe is the third book in this trilogy, it can be read as a stand alone novel. No doubt reading the first two books will add to the depth of the story, but it does work well as a good fantasy adventure by itself.

As a twelve year old Abigail lives a normal life, even being bullied at school but when given a green cloak, she is suddenly whisked off in to the magical Silvering kingdom. It is here she becomes Spindale and it is her task to save the Kingdom.  There is the Bloodtree which has been poisoned and is losing all its leaves. The tree’s death will mean the end of all stories.

Spindale has stepped into fairy tale stories and as with all good fairy tales, there is always another twist or another hurdle to overcome. In this third book Spindale is tricked, kidnapped and then held prisoner. Not only does she have to escape, find Thatchtorpe and solve the mystery of her locket but she must also try and overthrow the evil Rackenard. Then there is also Zezmena who has her own agenda and reasons for creating havoc for Spindale. Lots of twists and turns, lots of character and adventure.  It is good to see Spindale growing in character and strength but will it be enough. Will she be able to save the stories before they are all gone for good. And just who is controlling the stories?

“No. That’s not possible.”  She was silent for a bit.

“But then again, perhaps it is. After all, we are in the world of stories, where at the stroke of a pen, anything and everything can be changed…”

This is great for 10 to 14 year old readers who love a bit of mystery, a bit of fantasy and just a good story.

I love the covers, gorgeously illustrated by Donovan Bixley.

Check out the first two books.







By Elizabeth Pulford

Walker Books Australia

Zara lies in a coma, critically injured after a motorbike accident. She is caught in a subconscious world fighting for survival and fighting to unlock secrets which may be her only way to survive. It is so good to see a trailer for a New Zealand author and I do like Elizabeth Pulford’s work. I am so looking forward to reading this one.