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Thats what dragons do

Written and illustrated by Raymond McGrath

ISBN 9781775437496

This delightful picture book is full of wonderful language with words that dance on the page and on the tongue, and quite possibly in a tongue-twistery way will trip you up too. Dragons that roar and fly and swish, diggers that dig big and deep, alien space robots that zip and zoom and plenty more. It is full of imagination and creative thinking as two sisters play together before bedtime. The girls, no doubt will grow up to be anything they want to be.

The illustrations are bright and animated. Even the stars, clouds and cupcakes have cheerful personalities. Yes! There is even a cup cake fairy in the pages of this picture book from Raymond McGrath.

It is also a lovely, happy book to share with dads for Father’s Day, which is not far away.

Starfish the star

By Elaine Bickell

Illustrated by Daron Parton

ISBN 9781775437123

Starfish is in an aquarium with lots of other fish; clownfish, seahorse, and jellyfish, to name just a few. Starfish has attitude though, and it’s not the nicest. He wants fame. He wants adoration. He wants it all and he doesn’t really think of anyone else but himself. So he sticks himself to the front of the glass and all the other fish are forced back where no one can see them.

People coming to visit the aquarium become disappointed at not seeing all the fish, but Starfish is too vain and self-centred to realise what is happening. However, there is a chance at redemption when a disaster begins to happen and Starfish is called to help.

Lots of colourful underwater scenes, gorgeously illustrated with quirky personalities shown through the eyes of the different fish. A nice wee lesson on helping others and being part of a team.

Grandpa versus swing

By Tania Sickling

Illustrated by Lael Chisholm

ISBN 9781775436751

Grandpa versus Swing written by Tania Sickling is the winner of the Storylines Joy Cowley Award.

The story involves a grandpa who rushes about with lots of energy and no fear. He tries everything. You should see where he hides when he plays hide and seek.

A rhyming picture book about a special grandfather and the grandchildren he adores. However, he soon finds himself in strife but laughter and help from someone special saves the day.

Lael Chisholms illustrations are rich and vibrant and add to the humour of this family-friendly book for young readers. This is a great choice to read with grandfathers, and grandmothers too.

Avis and the Promise of Dragons 

By Heather McQuillan

ISBN 9780995119758

The Cuba Press


Love the cool cover with the mysterious eye peeking out from the bush. The first thought is why is it hiding, and what is going to happen? It is an easy well-paced read so won’t take you long to find out the answers.

Avis has a dream to work with animals, so when a scientist with a witchy-looking house offers her a job as a pet-sitter she jumps at the chance. But it turns out Avis is not looking after pets at all – the animals in Dr Malinda Childes’ backyard are as eccentric as she is and Avis has to promise to keep them a secret.

Writer Heather McQuillan provides an entertaining, yet informative read for those who enjoy a mix in their reading. We have fantasy, bullying, secrets, family issues, as well as lots of environmental concerns. Would be a good read aloud in schools as there is much to consider in the story of Avis, a young girl who is left in charge of some very unusual pets.

All begins well for her pet-sitting job until a storm changes everything and Avis is faced with many challenges, including the consequences of keeping secrets. Avis doesn’t always manage to do the right thing but she is prepared to make amends and learn from her mistakes, which is not always an easy thing to do. Avis also learns to accept changes and finds the strength to make some changes herself. Seeing growth in a character is always the sign of a good book. And anyway,  who doesn’t love a story with dragons?

Dragon Frontier
By Dan Abnett

Puffin Books

Yesterday this delightful paperback book arrived in the post for the school library and I was delighted when I found a trailer for it.
The trailer has a wonderful retro feel to it with added crackling for a bit of authenticity. Just like the Westerns of days of old except for the addition of dragons. Great for children age 8 and up who love a bit of fantasy and adventure. Wild adventure that is, in the Wild West.
Twelve-year-old Jake Polson and his family are starting out on a new life way out in the American Frontier. He loves driving the lead wagon and things are looking pretty good until tragedy strikes. Jake must head in to the wild West in search of a legendary creature to save his family. But there is danger all around and survival isn’t guaranteed. He must fight for it! But evil is lurking nearby!
Can’t wait to get stuck in to this book.
Love the Yee-ha in the trailer!

The girl who fell beneath fairyland and led the revels there
By Catherynne Valente

The covers alone of these two books are enough to make you want to pick them up and hold them close.
They really are delightfully presented and will be added to my pile to be reserved from the library.

The girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making
By Catherynne M. Valente

Thanks to Macmillan Kids for these links.

By Janet Lee Carey

Book 2 in the Wilde Island chronicles.
I love the haunting music of this trailer. This book has just hit the shops and the reviews have been very good. Heaps of people listing it in their ‘to be read’ list on Goodreads.
Wilde Island is mourning the Pendragon king. While everyone waits for the heir to return, the peaceful pact between dragons, fairies and humans is falling apart. Tess, a blacksmith’s daughter is accused of witchery and she soon finds herself on the run with two friends. She has visions of a sword-wielding man but is he good or bad and just how far can she run. The cover is cool too.