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A case in any case

By Ulf Nilsson

Illustrated by Gitte Spee

ISBN 9781776571093

Gecko Press



A case in any case is the third book in the Detective Gordon series about a police Toad and his assistant Buffy. However, each book works very well as a stand-alone.

Buffy is in charge of the police station when she hears noises and decides to investigate. However, her investigations need a little help from Detective Gordon who is currently away. I love the relationship between these two loveable characters. They need each other and their friendship is strong and caring. Despite sometimes fumbling over what is right in front of them they do solve their mysterious cases. The humour is subtle but so funny. Love it.

Gorgeous illustrations in soft colours provide a very natural setting for the story. I do love how expressive the eyes are in the pictures and bringing out the characters personalities. 

Great series for those newly independent readers on their first chapter books but equally great as a read-aloud.

Detective Gordon: A complicated case

By Ulf Nilsson

ISBN 9781776570652

Gecko Press 2016


This is the second book about Detective Gordon and Buffy. They work together as police detectives solving mysteries and eating lots of cake. They are also best of friends and this shows through in the way they talk to each other and support each other. While the first book may have seen their introduction, this second book deals with their growing friendship and Buffy’s growing confidence to do the job she is assigned, often learning to trust her own judgement and take the initiative. It is lovely to see characters grow. Even through moments of fear both characters continue to be brave and remain true to each other and their jobs. It is a warm, honest story and a delight to read.

There is something not right in their forest and investigations lead them to many cases of bullying. It is up to Detective Gordon and Buffy to find out who is doing what and why, but no one is willing to talk. Buffy has her own little secret but as always, Detective Gordon is there to help and he does so without any judgement or criticism.  Newly independent readers will love this first chapter book.  Short chapters and beautiful illustrations make this ideal for children to gain confidence in their reading. The humour is quite delightful. Watch out for the ending and the smile on Buffy’s face.

Bullying happens in most schools and there are always two sides to a story and while this may seem a simple story to read (and it is), it is also a very worthwhile read-aloud for teachers to use in class. While bullying isn’t the overall theme, it is a chance to recognize it’s effects and for teachers to open up discussion with their students.

Teacher notes can be found here.