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Scrap City

By D. S. Thornton

ISBN 978-1-62370-297-7 

Capstone Books

“Would you believe that under the ground, right beneath your city, was another city? Would you believe it was populated with Scrappers, people built of metal and glass and stone? Jerome has no choice but to believe it after he meets Arkie. Arkie is a Scrapper, and he and Jerome quickly become friends—maybe even brothers. So when Arkie’s city is in danger, Jerome knows he must help. But helping Arkie means hurting Jerome’s dad, the only real family Jerome still has . . .”

I love the idea of building people or robots and an underground city full of them sounds very cool indeed.  This could certainly work in well with the inventor, creator side of Maker Spaces. Perhaps after reading the book to a class children could create their own robots out of things lying around the house. I will definitely be looking forward to this book.