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Marmaduke Duck and the Christmas Calamity

By Juliette MacIver

Illustrated by Sarah Davis

ISBN 9781775433903

Scholastic 2016



Juliette MacIver and Sarah Davis are a much-loved team, with Juliette’s funny, quirky tales and Sarah’s delightful illustrations. The tales of Marmaduke Duck are found in every school library and read by hundreds of children and teachers who laugh over the antics of Marmaduke and his companions. The latest adventure is just as funny. Here we meet cheeky wee elves, reindeer and of course Santa himself. I can’t help but smile when I look at Polar Bear. He does seem a bit of a drama queen and more of a worrier than the other animals.

It is a a bit of a calamity when Santa and the reindeer tumble over a cliff and become stuck  in the snow below.  The presents need to be delivered  but Santa is stuck so fast he just won’t be able to make it in time. So ever the helpful duck, Marmaduke and his friends come to the rescue of Christmas.

A funny, feel-good story to share every Christmas.



A kiwi night before Christmas (Limited edition)

By Yvonne Morrison

Illustrated by Deborah Hinde

ISBN 9781775434276



The traditional christmas story by Clement C. Moore takes a very Kiwi turn in this reprint of the kiwi classic.

How much more Kiwi can you get with a Christmas that has a bach, sheep and a black t-shirt, gumboot-wearing Santa on a tractor.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all round the bach,

Not a possum was stirring; not one we could catch.

Great to share with young ones and great for teachers to read-aloud for fun. Would also be good to make comparisons with Moore’s original text and compare Christmas in the different hemispheres. Good also to look at kiwiana but just as good to read for fun.


Jingle Bells, Rudolph smells (with bonus CD)

By Deano Yipadee

Illustrated by Paul Beavis

ISBN 9781775433859


This is one of those books that children will laugh at over and over again. The familar tune of the chorus makes it easy for children to remember the words to sing along to, with the accompanying CD.

What happens when Santa’s sleigh gets stuck on a roof? Who will help Santa and save Christmas? And what does a smelly reindeer have to do with this? You will just have to read the book to find out but be assured young ones will love it.

Paul Beavis’s illustrations are bright, comical and full of personality.



Whether you have Christmas in a cold wintry place or sunbathing on a beach in the middle of summer, Christmas is always a time to catch up on some reading.

These are some of my favourites which I have shared over the years.



The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg                                                       polar

ISBN 9781849390989

I do love the version with the CD read by Liam Neeson.

A young boy’s trip to the North Pole filled with magic. You can of course get out the movie but do enjoy the book first.



wombatChristmas wombat

By Jackie French

Illustrated by Bruce Whatley

ISBN 9780732291716

Gorgeously funny story of Mothball the wombat who continues to eat, sleep and scratch but then something special happens and she is whisked off on a very special ride. Great for toddlers.


snow 2The snowman                       

By Raymond Briggs

ISBN 9780141501710

There is something very special about a snowman and a little boy.  The movie is wonderful too. The music as the boy and the snowman soar over chimney tops is lovely. The illustrations are just adorable with real quirky smiles and personality.



 matchThe little match girl

By H. C. Andersen

I have always loved this story of the little girl who is forced to sell matches in the freezing cold while others sit in their warm and festive houses. Even as a child this story brought me to tears. Not exactly a joyous story but a story we should read and remember for the message to share what we have. Not sure this version is still in print but there are many versions out there just as moving.




velveteenThe velveteen rabbit

By Margery Williams

ISBN 9781604332773

I know this is not the classic version with the illustrations by William Nicholson (which I do have a copy of by the way) but I thought I would share this new illustrated version as it is just delightful. I love the back cover with the bookcase showing some great classic books for children. It is a story we know of a young boy and his favourite rabbit and how toys become real. A classic to treasure.



 miracle   The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

By Susan Wojciechowski

ISBN 9781406310405

This is a very moving story of loneliness, grief and learning to trust and love again.  Jonathan Toomey is the best wood-carver in the valley but he is consumed by grief and sadness and just wants to be by himself.  A knock at his door changes everything. Sometimes we have to work at making a difference and here, a young boy does just that. He makes a difference.

Actually I think I will stop here and go and read this again before turning in for the night. My copy has the audio CD as well so I might listen to that instead when I go to bed.