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Never fall down
By Patricia McCormick

Arn Chorn was 11 years when the soldiers came. That moment changed his life forever.
In Never fall down Arn recounts his life living under the regime of the Khmer Rouge.
This book is brutal, honest and raw. McCormick captures Arn’s own voice, his fears, his growing anger and his struggle to survive. For years he endures the most horrific experiences.
We get to know Arn and all his flaws and we feel his pain.It is raw and real! This is an incredibly powerful yet moving book. Some of the brutalities did bring me to tears but I am so glad I read this. I feel privileged to have read of Arn’s life and his willingness to share something so intimate and so special.

“Over and over I tell myself one thing: never fall down.”

This is not for young readers. Its graphic recount is a harrowing read for some but if you do take a chance it will not only move you but leave you feeling hopeful. It is a story that needed to be told.

This short clip is an interview with the author and Arn himself.