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Bruce wants to go faster

By Dreydon Sobanja

Illustrated by Murray Dewhurst

Foreword by Sir Colin Giltrap

ISBN 9780473360627

Inspired kids





I confess I do not know one end of a car from the other – well maybe I do, but that is about all I know of cars so when I began reading this book I was totally surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I was taken along for the ride with Bruce and loved every minute of it and even learned a few things about cars too.

Bruce McLaren was no different to most 11 year old boys. He had dreams just like everyone else and for Bruce he wanted to go fast and not just fast, but faster than anyone else. His dreams hit a massive hurdle in the name of Perthes Syndrome which left him spending two years with his legs in plaster and confined to a special Bradshaw Frame bed. He spent those two years in the Wilson Home for Crippled Children but he never gave up. He would spend time racing around the wards at night in his gurney when the nurses had gone home. His legs were in plaster but also held in place at the ankles so that he basically had no movement at all, as his legs were kept in one position all that time.

I couldn’t imagine being confined to bed for two years and then even after his release from the home  he was confined to bed. He even had to learn to walk all over again. However, he didn’t let it get him down. Instead he made plans for racing and for his future.

He later went on to become one of the world’s best drivers and car designers and winning races as he sped around the tracks.

One of the highlights for me with this book, is that Bruce overcame so many hurdles, and never gave up. Instead he kept striving to be better and faster. And he succeeded. He still remains today as one of New Zealand’s most famous names in the Motorsports industry.

There are so many highlights for Bruce that to name them all here would spoil the reading of this wonderful biography.

This really is a very special book about overcoming obstacles, daring to dream when the world seems against you, being resilient and believing in yourself.  I do think this is one for teachers to take notice of specially with the excellent glossary at the back. It is a glossary with a difference. Rather than explaining terms in the book, it explains concepts about what it takes to become whatever it is you want to be. Being brave, being ready to start again, change your dreams and mostly never giving up.

Perfect for every school library, but also a great gift to give to someone special. An inspiring book encouraging children to believe in themselves.