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EverboundBook 2 in the Everneath trilogy
By Brodi Ashton

In Everneath (Book 1) Nikki vanished for six months – hidden away in the underworld. Her return to the mortal world caused many problems and all she wanted to do was right the wrongs and fix things with her boyfriend, Jack. But the immortal Cole followed her into the human world.
(You’ll have to read the book to find out what happened)

Now in the book 2 the dark tunnels of Everneath are calling for Nikki but her boyfriend, Jack makes the ulimate sacrifice taking her place. Now it is he who is trapped in Everneath for eternity. He appears in her dreams at night, lost, confused and slowly wasting away. She is desperate to save him. The only one who can help is Cole, the immortal who wants her all to himself, wants to make her his queen in Everneath. How can she convince him to help her and if she does, at what cost. As they descend to Everneath Nikki realises that danger is lurking everwhere and she may just not make it at all.
I just love the music of this trailer. Absolutely perfect for the story.
Loosely based on Hades and Persephone and who doesn’t like mythology?

A reminder of the first book Everneath posted earlier in this blog

by Brodi Ashton
Simon and schuster

This book isn’t out yet but do watch out for it early next year. Much like Persephone of the old myths this book has all the intrigue of the underworld, known here, as Everneath. Nikki was lured into Everneath by the handsome Cole but she has now returned to her normal life. She has six months before the immortals come to take her back to the underwold, a place where they feed on the emotions of humans. Cole has followed her and will stop at nothing to take her back and make her his queen. But then what about Jack, what about living in the real world. This is book one in a trilogy.

Another book based loosely on Persephone;
By Meg Cabot
Macmillan childrens books

Pierce died, flatlined for some time but came back to life. While she was in that place in between life and death she met John. It is up to him to take people from one world to the next. It is not the place to fall for someone yet Pierce finds herself doing just that. It is once she is back at school that things really begin to happen and danger is all around. Book one in a trilogy.