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By Brandon Sanderson

I love the cover of this book. It shouts out with a great big “pick me up and read me now” cover. And the trailer even though it is a short one is one of those that also stands out as having a lot of thought go into its production.

In the city, once known as Chicago there rules an Emperor, Steelheart. He is an Epic and is evil. He has the strength of ten men. He has the ability to control the elements and he is invincible.

It has been like this for ten years, ever since the explosion in the sky and nobody fights back . . . nobody except the Reckoners. They are a shadowy group of ordinary humans who spend all their time studying powerful Epics, finding their weaknesses and then assassinating them.

David Charleston isn’t a Reckoner, yet, but he intends to join them. He has something they need. He knows their secret! He has seen Steelheart bleed. Just released in the States but eagerly awaiting arrival in New Zealand.