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by Cat Clarke

Jem Halliday has always been in love with her best friend Kai despite the fact that he is gay. It is their secret. It is not the way she wants things but she copes and remains his best friend. However, someone outs Kai online and he is so distraught he kills himself. Jem knows nothing will bring him back but she sets out to find out who is responsible. Jem wants revenge and payback for the loss of her best friend. But perhaps Kai had other secrets! Love, revenge and betrayal! What a mix! I do so want to read this.


By Deborah Heiligman

Rachel is an ordinary fifteen year old girl when a chance overheard conversation changes her life forever. Rachel becomes cynical and distrustful. Her rebellious reaction changes her so much that friends and family no longer know who she really is. Rachel struggles with her own identity and it is this struggle which helps create a great coming-of-age story.
I love the haunting voice in the song “Crashing” in the trailer.