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My Dad is a Grizzly Bear

By Swapna Haddow

Illustrated by Dapo Adeola

ISBN 97815529013979

Macmillan Children’s Books

Imagination is everything to children. A wild imagination helps children play games, get through difficult days, connect and communicate with other children. Imagination is key to this new picture book.

In Swapna Haddow’s latest book, a young boy’s imagination centres on his father as a grizzly bear.

Grizzly Bear Dad is a bit of a pain when eats all the honey, or when he wakes up all grumpy and stomps around. He is an embarrassment when he sleeps in the cinema or sings louder than everyone else at a party. The grizzly bear is useful though, especially when he is trying to catch up with the school bus because the children are running late.

This is a funny picture which children will relate to very well. They will see themselves and their own families in the pages of this story, especially when the family go camping. If dad is a grizzly bear, watch out for mum!

The cover of the book is bold and eye-catching. I love that the illustrations throughout the book highlight the fact that this story has a real family focus.

A fun story to share and read over and over. It is also a good one to watch out for Father’s Day later this year.

Goodnight Already!
By Jory John

Illustrated by Benji Davies
ISBN 9780062286208

I confess I had not heard of this author before but watching the trailer for his latest book Goodnight Already I will be looking out for his other works. What a delightfully funny book. Poor bear just wants to sleep but his neighbour, duck wants to play. Love the bright illustrations and adore the facial expressions of both bear and duck. You can almost feel bear’s frustration at not being able to get to sleep. Duck is totally oblivious to poor bear’s needs which adds to the humour. Wonderful trailer and I am definitely getting this for school when it hits the market here in New Zealand.

Bear has a story to tell
By Philip C. Stead
Illustrated by Erin E. Stead

This book landed on my library desk today but I had already heard about it and had been waiting for it to hit the shops here. This is truly delightful. It is a beautiful story of friendship and learning to be patient. Bear has a story he longs to share but preparations for winter must come first. Everyone he asks to listen is busy! I love the use of colour in this book. The autumn leaves, oranges and yellows are perfect. The facial expressions of the animals, especially bear’s are heart-warming. My favourite illustration comes at the end of the book and is here on the trailer too. Bear’s friends sit listening intently, blue sky all around and their eyes say it all. It really is one of those picture books which capture the emotions perfectly. I love it, the whole package, the story, illustrations, shape and size of the book. A real hit with everyone I showed today. May just have to buy my own copy as well.