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The field (ebook)
by Bill Nagelkerke

Achucka books
Jacinta is receiving messages from Mary. Yes! That Mary, the Mother of God!
To quote the blurb;
“How on earth do you tell your family that you’ve seen . . .
. . . Our Lady . . .
. . . The Virgin Mary . . .
. . . The Queen of Heaven . . .
. . . The Mother of God. (The Mother of GOD!)
And that she has spoken to you.
And that she is going to speak to you again.
Up in the Crow’s Nest.
And that is why you had to be there.
(And that’s why you’d wet yourself.)”

Sounds like another great read from our very own Christchurch writer, Bill Nagelkerke. It is a pleasure to be able to showcase the trailer for his latest book.