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One careless night

By Christina Booth

ISBN: 9781925381856

Walker Books Australia


Coming soon.    Coming soon.    Coming soon.

Really looking forward to this new picture book when it comes out in March.

I remember when it was announced last year that the last white male rhino had died. I actually cried knowing that we had watched this happen. No matter how hard we as a society tried to stop this happening, it was too little, too late and the consequences of our actions led to the death of the white rhino. This new picture book looks at the journey of the last thylacine in captivity. Sadly, there are no more of these animals either. The art work as shown in the trailer below, already looks stunning. The language is beautiful. I have a strong feeling that this book is going to haunt many a reader. Can’t wait!

“Where the mist swallows mountains and winds whisper through ancient trees, a mother and her pup run wild and free. They hunt, but they are also hunted. Carted away. Sold for bounty. And then, one careless night … The last thylacine is gone.”