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Seven wonders
Book 1 The colossus rises
By Peter Lerangis


This first book in a new series isn’t out until next month but I am so keen to read this that I can’t wait to share the trailer.

If you really can’t wait you can check out the Seven Wonders site and read the first chapter.

Jack has just been told he has only months to live but mysteriously he awakens one day on an island where a secret organisation promises to save his life. There is of course a condition to this promise. One which will have Jack and his three friends trying to locate seven lost magical orbs, which once combined, will save their lives. However, the orbs have been missing for centuries. Lost in the ruins of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. And the series begins with the Colussus of Rhodes.
This promises to be a good action packed read and I can’t wait.
According to Rick Riordan of the great Percy Jackson series, this book is “a high-octane mix of modern adventure and ancient secrets”.

The history keepers
Circus maximus
By Damian Dibben

Random House childrens’ books

If you loved the first book then this is also sure to please. Plenty of action, plenty of racing to save the world.
Stocks of Atomium the crucial ingredient which allows them to travelthrough time are still perilously low. In this sequel the travelers go way back in time. Way, way back, but can they find their way to the present. Can they find the atomium in time?