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The diary of Dorkius Maximus
By Tim Collins


Sadly I could not find a book trailer for this book but take it from me the 8 – 10 year old boys will love this new series.

I read this book in one sitting – not hard to do. Told in diary format, the author has thrown facts in amongst the humour. Poor young Dorkius is not as tall or strong as his older brother. Yet all Dorkius wants is to be a good Roman hero. In fact he wants to go down in history as the greatest hero. However, he needs a lot of work.
This is very easy to read, clean white pages, with very funny cartoon illustrations which will capture the boys attention. I can also see it being a hit for older boys who struggle to read. One of the best things is the font used which is far better for dyslexic children. The letters are just as the children would write them themselves.

“Dorkius Maximus is a young boy growing up in ancient Rome. This hilarious diary recounts his exploits as, desperate to become a great Roman hero, Dorkius enlists the help of his father’s friend, Stoutus, to teach him the noble art of fighting. But heroism doesn’t come naturally to Dorkius. Plus, his dad doesn’t listen to him, his friends pick on him, and his mum is more interested in her sacred chickens. Dorkius knows there’s a mighty warrior inside him, just waiting to get out … isn’t there?”

One snippet of truth which will delight the boys is that in order for the adults to eat more food at a party, feathers were used to tickle the throat to make oneself sick. The accompanying illustrations by Andrew Pinder demonstrate this particularly gross fact, brilliantly.

Looking forward to reading The Diary of Dorkius Maximus in Egypt when it is published later this year

The history keepers
Circus maximus
By Damian Dibben

Random House childrens’ books

If you loved the first book then this is also sure to please. Plenty of action, plenty of racing to save the world.
Stocks of Atomium the crucial ingredient which allows them to travelthrough time are still perilously low. In this sequel the travelers go way back in time. Way, way back, but can they find their way to the present. Can they find the atomium in time?