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By Julia Donaldson

Illustrated by Sharon King-Chai

ISBN 9781509801633

Two Hoots Books

This animal alphabet picture book is an absolute treasure.

Julia Donaldson presents a succession of questions for the reader where the answer creates yet another question and so on and so on. Each answer reveals an animal or creature beginning with a particular letter of the alphabet.  We begin of course with the letter A and end with the letter Z.

For example.

Who has more wrinkles than a hedgehog?

An iguana!

Who is more wobbly than an iguana?

A jellyfish!

So you get the idea and keep on reading your way through the alphabet and the introduction to different animals.

The magic however, comes from the overall design and artwork.

Pages unfold like treasure maps, die-cut peek holes provide clues to animals which are revealed on the pages that follow each question. The illustrations are delightful with a simplicity that is totally engaging. Reading the book is a very tactile experience and a mystery game all in one. This beautifully presented, hardback picture book will make a special gift and a treasure to read over and over again. Love it so much!

See for yourself when you check out the trailer below.

The Little Yellow Digger A B C

A lift-the-flap book

By Peter and Alan Gilderdale

Based on the stores by Betty Gilderdale

ISBN 9781775436133

The Little Yellow Digger has been a household name for many years now. There have been a number of books in the series where our loveable little digger has exciting adventures, like starting school and even meeting a whale.

The latest is an alphabet picture book based on the stories about him. Each letter of the alphabet is hidden under a flap encouraging little hands to open them and discover the different letters. Lots of nice alliteration with words that begin with the featured letter from under each flap. A fun rhyming text helps the story flow. I love peeking under flaps in books.

This is a great introduction to the alphabet with fun, characters that children will recognise from the many stories about the loveable little yellow digger.


Mini Whinny: Goody four-shoes

By Stacy Gregg

Illustrated by Ruth Paul

ISBN 9781775435389



Mini Whinny is back. This time, she is upset at the arrival of a new pony who just happens to be very good at everything. Mini Whinny is jealous of Goody Four-Shoes, right from the start, even before she gets to know the other pony.

Mini Whinny’s friend, the grey and black tabby cat Berenice is back too, and she is the voice of wisdom as she makes helpful and kind suggestions for Mini Whinny to learn to accept change, and new friends.

There is definitely a lesson in there about not judging others, especially before we get to know someone but sometimes children (and adults, too) need a reminder to take time to get to know one another and be less judgemental. 

Ruth Paul’s illustrations are just as cute and adorable as ever.