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The darkest minds
(Book 1 in a new trilogy)
By Alexandra Bracken

At the age of 10 Ruby’s parents notice a change in her so alarming, they lock her up and call the police. She is sent to a rehabilitation camp for children who have survived a mysterious disease which has killed most of America’s children. However, survival may not have been the best thing. These children have somehow come out with frightening abilities. Abilities they have no control over.
Six years later Ruby, classed as one of the dangerous ones, takes a chance to escape and goes on the run. With danger all around Ruby is intent on finding a safe haven but when she does, it is not what she expects. Why do they want to use Ruby and her abilities? Who can she trust? Or who she can fall in love with?

The cover of this book is fab – dark and enticing. Definitely one for my pile of good reads.