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52 reasons to hate my father
By Jessica Brody

July release

This is definitely one just for good old fashioned fun. Light hearted and funny.
Lexington Larrabee is spoiled and lives the good life thanks to her media-mogul father. But when she
crashes her new Mercedes into a convenience store after a night of partying her billionaire father
decides to not give his daughter access to her $25 million trust fund on her 18th birthday. In order to get it back Lexi has to complete 52 menial jobs, one each week for a year. She has to report daily to her father’s college-age intern, Luke (who is of course, young and hot) Her tasks include cleaning houses, bagging groceries and other menial jobs. Will she or won’t she grow up and gain her father’s trust – as well as his trust fund.
This is one for everyone who wants a break from vampires, dystopia and just wants a good read for fun.
The trailer could very well pass as a movie trailer for a young adult chick flick.