Book lists

P = Primary I= Intermediate S= Secondary E= Everyone A= Adult

The madman’s daughterM. ShepherdSRebootA. TinteraS

Book titles (Alphabetical by title) Author Guide
52 reasons to hate my father J. Brody S
Abandon M. Cabot S
The adjusters A. Taylor I, S
After the snow S. D. Crockett S
Amina J. L. Powers P, I
Angel fire C. Moulton S
Apothecary M. Meloy P, I
Arise, Hereafter T. Hudson S
BETA R. Cohn S
Beyonders trilogy B. Mull P, I
Black heart blue L. Reid S
Blood red road M. Young S
The body finder K. Derling S
Boy nobody A. Zadoff S
Brainjack B. Falkner S
Breathe S. Crossan S
Broken E. Pulford S
BZRK M. Grant S
Cabin fever (Diary of a wimpy kid) J. Kinney P, I
Carnival of souls M. Marr S
Changeling P. Gregory S
The circle of secrets K. Little P, I
Circus maximus D. Dibben P, I
The clockwork three M. Kirby P, I
Code name Verity E. Wein S
Cold hands, warm heart J. Wolfson S
The coldest girl in Coldtown H. Black S
The Colossus Rises P. Lerangis I, S
A confusion of princes G. Nix S
Crashed R. Wasserman S
Crescendo B. Fitzpatrick S
David M. Hoffman S
Dark Eden P. Carman S
Dark inside J. Roberts S
The Darkest Minds trilogy A. Bracken S
Darkest powers trilogy K. Armstrong S
A tale dark and grimm A. Gidwitz P, I
This dark endeavour K. Oppel S
Darkness becomes her K. Keaton S
Darkness falls M. James S
Daughter of smoke and bone L. Taylor S
The dead C. Higson I, S
Dead time A. Cassidy S
Death cloud (young Sherlock Holmes) A. Lane P, I
The Debt P. Gwynne S
Desires of the dead K. Derting S
Divergent V. Roth S
Diviners L. Bray S
Dodger T. Pratchett S
Dragonswood J. L. Carey S
Eddie Savage series, Long Reach and Body Blow P. Cocks S
Emerald Atlas J. Stephen P, I
Emerald star J. Wilson P, I
The Enemy C. Higson I, S
Erebos U. Poznanski S
Everneath B. Ashton S
Evernight series C. Gray S
Extinction L. Wilcock P, I
Fallen L. Kate S
Fallen Grace M. Hooper S
Fateful C. Gray S
The fear C. Higson I, S
The 5th wave R. Yancey S
Firstborn L.A. Grover S
The flint heart K. Paterson & J. Paterson P, I
Flip M. Bedford S
Found M. P. Haddix P, I
The forbidden library D. Wexler P, I
Forest of hands and teeth C. Ryan S
Forsaken L. M. Stasse S
Fracture M. Miranda S
Free falling N. Moriarty A
Frostfire Z. Marriott S
The Gallows Curse A. Hammond I, S
Gangsta Granny D. Walliams P, I
Genius Sqaud C. Jinks S
Ghost club D. Abela P
The Gift J. Patterson S
The girl who fell beneath fairyland & led the revels there C. M. Valente S
The girl who circumnavigated Fairyland in a ship of her own making C. M. Valente S
Glow A. Ryan S
Going over B. Kephart S
Grandpa Green L. Smith E, P
Grave Mercy R. LaFevers S
The graveyard book N. Gaiman S
Guardians of childhood series W. Joyce P, E
Hallowed C. Hand S
Harbinger S. W. Eitenne S
The haunting of Charity Delafield I. Beck P, I
The healing spell K. Little P, I
Hollow City R. Riggs S
Hollow Pike J. Dawson S
Homelanders A. Klavin S
The House of dead maids C. Dunkle S
Hush, hush B. Fitzpatrick S
Hysteria M. Miranda S
Iboy K. Brooks S
I am number four P. Lore S
I want my hat back J. Klassen P
I was only nineteen J. Schumann P, I, S
Insurgent V. Roth S
Intentions D. Heiligman S
Jinx S. Blackwood P, I
Juniper Berry M. P. Kozlowsky P, I
Ketchup clouds A. Pitcher S
The killables G. Malley S
The killing woods L. Christopher S
The land of decoration G. McCleen S
The last girl, The last shot M. Adams S
The last thirteen J. Phelan I, S
The truth will become legend (Legend) M. Lu S
Leviathan S. Westerfeld S
Liesl & Po L. Oliver P, S
Lily Alone J. Wilson P, I
Lips touch L. Taylor S
The longest whale song J. Wilson P, I
Lost and found O. Jeffers E, P
The lost thing S. Tan E
Free falling N. Moriarty A
Matched A. Condie S
Maximum Ride J. Patterson I, S
Metawars J. Norton I, S
Michael Vey Prisoner of cell 25 R. P. Evans S
Midwinterblood M. Sedgwick S
Ministry of Pandemonium C. Westwood P, I
Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children R. Riggs S
This moose belongs to me O.Jeffers P, E
Monster Blood series D. M. Cornish I, S
A monster calls P. Ness I, S
A mutiny in time J. Dashner P, I
My life undecided J. Brody S
My sister lives on the mantelpiece A. Pitcher I, S
My sister Jodie J. Wilson P, I
Mystic city T. Lawrence S
The name of the star M. Johnson S
Narc C. Chappell S
Northwood B. Falkner P, S
On two feet and wings A. Kazerooni P, I
Outcasts (Brotherband series) J. Flanagan P, I
The Paladin prophecy M. Frost I, I
Paperboyy V. Vawter P, I
Peggy A. Walker P
Plant a kiss A. Rosenthal E
Press here H. Tullet E, P
The Prince of Mist C. R. Zafon S
Pure J. Baggott S
Reached A. Condie S
Reboot A. Tintera S
Reckless C. Funke S
Red Pyramid R. Riordan P, I, S
The Replacement B. Yovanoff S
Rise of nine P. Lore S
Robopocalypse D. Wilson S
Ruby Redfort Look into my eyes L. Child P, I
Scorpia Rising A. Horowitz P, I
Seconds away C. Hoben S
Shadow and bone L. Bardugo S
Shadows on the moon Z. Marriott S
Shahana R. Hawke I
Shatter me T. Mafi S
Shiverton Hall E. Fennell P, I
The shock of the fall N. Filer S
Siege and stone L. Bardugo S
Silent Saturday H. Grant S
Silence B. Fitzpatrick S
Skull in the woods S. Greaves S
Skulduggery Pleasant D. Landy P, I,
Sky raiders B. Mull I
Slide J. Hathaway S
Song of the slums R. Harland S
The space between/Smoulder B. Yovanoff S
Splintered A. G. Howard S
The Spook’s stories J. Delaney I, S
The storm begins (History keepers series) D. Dibben P, I
The strange & beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavendar L. Walton S
Stuck O. Jeffers P, E
Such wicked intent K. Oppel S
Switched A. Hocking S
Taken away C. Kiernan S
Tensy Farlow and the home for mislaid children J. Storer P, I
Ten & Possess G. McNeil P, I
The terrible thing that happend to Barnaby Brockett J. Boyne P, I
The testing J. Charbonneau S
Tinder S. Gardner S
Throne of glass S. Maas S
Tomorrow code B. Falkner S
Time Riders A. Scarrow I, S
Torment L. Kate S
Tunnels (series) R. Gordon & B. Williams P, I, S
Undone C. Clarke S
Unbreakable K. Garcia S
Ultraviolet R. J. Anderson S
Unearthly C. Hand S
Unforgotten T. Riddle E
Varmints H. Ward E
Velvet M. Hooper S
The Replacement B. Yovanoff S
What if A. Browne P
Winterling S. Prineas P, I
Wildwood C. Meloy P, I
A witch in winter R. Warburton S
Wintercraft trilogy J. Burtenshaw S
The witch chronicles S. Daly S
Wither (Chemical garden trilogy) L. DeStefano S
Wondrous strange trilogy L. Livingston S
You against me J. Downham S
Young samurai C. Bradford P, I

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