The invisible by Tom Percival. A gentle, yet thought-provoking picture book about poverty and feeling invisible when you don’t belong and how one girl makes a difference.

Posted: April 10, 2022 in Pre-school, Primary School
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The invisible

Written and illustrated by Tom Percival

ISBN 9781471191305

Simon and Schuster UK

I had already read good reviews of this book, so when I saw it sitting on the bookshop shelves, I had to pick it up. Even without the reviews, the cover stood out so much that I would have picked it up anyway. The soft cool tones, the child and her dog, standing in the centre of the cover just wanting to be seen. So yes, this beautifully illustrated picture book went straight into my basket.

Isabel loves her family but they are poor. They miss out on things other people take for granted. The house is so cold, the ice forms on the inside of the house. Isabel feels invisible in this world where others pretend not to see her. The time comes when the family can no longer afford to live where they are and they are forced into a different kind of life, cold and gloomy.

Isabel however, wants more. She notices other invisible people and that is the turning point in this story.

Simple, clear text without being too harsh, shows readers a world that may or may not be like theirs. It is a world that sadly, too many people have to share. The illustrations are lovely especially with the choice of colours reflecting Isabel’s moods and surroundings.

A good purchase for families and definitely school libraries. I really like this and it fits a need. Lovely!

Here is the author and illustrator Tom Percival reading his book.

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