Mana of the Pacific: Wisdom from across Oceania. A beautifully produced collection of inspirational proverbs compiled by Apisalome Movono and Regina Scheyvens

Posted: November 28, 2021 in Everyone
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Mana of the Pacific : Wisdom from across Oceania

Compiled by Apisalome Movono and Regina Scheyvens

ISBN 9781988550329

Potton & Burton

Mana of the Pacific is a special book, one that would sit gracefully on any coffee table.

It is full of proverbs sharing traditional values and practices. The voice of ancestors carries through the pages of shared beliefs and wisdom. Each is beautifully photographed with images of people, places and nature at its best. Pages are glossy and brightly coloured. Each double-page spread has its own proverb alongside a fitting photograph.

The proverbs are divided into themes such as kinship and culture, leadership, diligence and more.

Different cultures share their words of wisdom. Below are two of my favourites.

From Fiji

Solesolevaki sa itakele ni duavata.

Solidarity is the cornerstone of unity.


Unity is firmly established when people work together to achieve common goals.

From Papua New Guinea

A soa siahuapo norovoe la hoho ma’a.

You cannot drink the same water twice from a river because the current that has passed will never pass again.


Enjoy and utilise every moment of your life because opportunities might only present themselves one time.

This is a thoughtful collection to be read and shared by all ages. A most worthy book for school libraries, to share thoughts from different Oceanic cultures.

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