Bumblebee by Rachel Weston, illustrated by Deborah Hinde. Perfect picture book in time for September’s Bee Aware Month @Apiculture_NZ

Posted: August 28, 2021 in Pre-school, Primary School


by Rachel Weston

Illustrated by Deborah Hinde

ISBN 9780473571245


Bumblebee is the latest picture book from author Rachel Weston. Told in gentle rhyme, it is both a story and an informative look at bumblebees.

Flowers call to Bumblebee as she dances around the garden sipping pollen and smelling the flowers sweet perfume.

“Come to me!

Come to me!

Come drink my nectar, Bumblebee.”

With Bumblebee’s help, vegetables grow, and fruit hangs from trees.

Soon Autumn comes with chilly nights and Bumblebee hides away. When she wakes up things are not quite the same and she is struggling to find flowers to help her survive.

Bumblebee’s life is in danger but with the help of a young girl’s thoughtfulness, and wisdom of her grandmother’s words, Bumblebee is rescued. I won’t tell you how this happens but it is worth knowing so you can help other bumblebees too, someday if needed. The book showcases the busy life of a bumblebee and the need for people to support and care for the bees.

This book is perfect to use in classes and homes. It is an ideal book to read now, with NZ Bee Aware month coming up in September.

At the back of the book is a double-page spread with information about pollinators and things people can do to help these wonderful insects.

Deborah Hinde is one of my favourite illustrators. Her artwork is soft, warm and, colourful. The pictures have just the right amount of cuteness. I love the French flaps and the beautiful endpapers with their colourful floral display. And who doesn’t love a cute dog in there as well.

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