Mangrove by Glenda Kane and illustrated by Lisa Allen. Beautifully illustrated picture book reminding us to take care of our environments.

Posted: July 12, 2021 in Everyone
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By Glenda Kane

Illustrated by Lisa Allen

ISBN 978 1988538716

Mangrove is a picture book focusing on the life cycle of a mangrove. It shows the destruction of a habitat as bulldozers and builders move in, with the result that they destroy the mangrove and some of the surrounding wildlife, like fish and crabs. It is a timely reminder to us all of our need to look after our environments, animals, and planet.

The survival of our ecosystems is essential, but it is also up to each of us to make a difference. The amount of plastic rubbish which ends up in the sea or along shore lines, has a disastrous effect on our environment. Books like Mangrove, show us there are simple things we can do to help our ecosystems to survive.

The story takes us through the mangrove and its destruction, through to the final stages, where we have hope, as a new mangrove begins to grow. The artwork is full colour with excellent use of natural colours and images. The text is gentle rhymes with clear messages that we need to help. We need to make a difference now, if we want to save our mangroves and all other ecosystems.

‘If you take the track past the big white shack
to the tidal flats where the mud is black
If you sneak to the left between the tides
you’ll find the place where mangrove hides.’

Mangrove was originally published in paperback some years back; this hardback edition is one to keep.

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