Dogs, horses, and trucks, are just some of the fun reads among Scholastic’s new picture books.

Posted: September 30, 2020 in Pre-school, Primary School
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The wheels on the truck

Sung by The Topp Twins

Illustrated by Jenny Cooper

ISBN 9781775436409

This adapted classic with its familiar tune has a good old Kiwi farm feel to it, both in story and pictures.

Beware! Once you play this CD to your children you are going to have to play it again and again. It certainly won’t be a problem as you’ll find yourself happily singing along with the Topp Twins, quite possibly at the top of your voice. It is definitely fun and very catchy. Even a group of 10 and 11 year old children got right into the swing of it when I played it at school last week and we were all singing along loudly in the library.

Jenny Cooper, once again brings the characters and animals to life with her beautiful, yet quirky illustrations. Twin farmers are travelling in their truck with three dogs piled on the back. Their personalities shine through with warmth and humour.

This will make an ideal addition to preschools, as well as any home with youngsters. Great book to share when reading.


Mini Whinny: Bad day at the O.K. Corral

By Stacy Greg

Illustrated by Ruth Paul

ISBN 9781775436249



The adorable, yet out-spoken Mini Whinny, is back. Left at the O.K. Corral pony day care, Mini Whinny tries dress-ups. At first she tries out the pink tutu but after finding herself in trouble and facing some bullies she changes for another dress-up. What could it be?  It becomes clear that it is up to Mini Whinny to sort things out. Mini Whinny is stubborn, strong-willed, but also likeable, cheeky and cute.

I love Mini Whinny’s friend, the gorgeous tabby cat, who is found on almost every page. Ruth Paul’s illustrations have the cute-factor which will appeal to young children.

Another one to add to the Mini Whinny collection of picture books.


Ernie and the magic kennel

By Robert Rakete & Jeanette Thomas

Illustrated by Kimberly Andrews

ISBN 9781775436331



Ernie is a corgi and Benny is a street dog and they find themselves inside a magic flying kennel and whisked off all over the world. They stop in different countries just long enough to collect additional dogs. There is Fleur from Paris and Blu from Uluru and even more to collect along the way until finally the kennel is full of dogs. Their destination is a special surprise for them all.

Ernie and the Magic Kennel is a humorous story with a wee message about family, friends and what it means to belong.  The rhyming text and a mix of different characters makes this fun to read aloud.

Award-winning illustrator, Kimberly Andrews, brings the characters to life with her delightfully comical illustrations.

Ernie and Benny are based on real dogs, although I’m not sure they’ve been on a real magic kennel ride.

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