If I was a banana by Alexandra Tylee @geckopress : gorgeous picture book about the power of thoughts and ideas

Posted: October 2, 2016 in Pre-school, Primary School
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If I was a banana

By Alexandra Tylee

Illustrated by Kieran Ryanhart

ISBN 9781776570331

Gecko Press




This boy’s-eye-view of the everyday brings alive all the wonder and oddity of the world inside our own heads.

What stands out straight away for me are the wonderful earthy colours of the illustrations. Even in a world of fantasy and make-believe, the earthy colours give the story a grounding and make it seem real and possible to be whatever you want to be.

A young boy follows thought after thought, idea after idea in to a world where he can imagine being anything. He considers everything from a lone cow standing in a field, to a fish or a whale, even to a spoon. Anything is possible.

He considers each option carefully before going on to the next random thought before realising of course, that the best thing to be is to just be himself. A great book to read and imagine together.

I also think it would be ideal as story writing prompts for teachers to use in a class of young readers and writers. Children could have fun imagining being all sorts of things and perhaps writing a reasoned report on the pros and cons of being something else.

Do take the time to carefully look at the last double page at the end of the book. The backdrop holds many hidden animals and objects. See if you can spot them all.

The author has captured what adults might consider as the complete randomness of a young boy’s thoughts although totally connected thoughts if you are a young boy yourself. Lovely.


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