Life according to Dani by Rose Lagercrantz : another sweet story all about Dani and her best friend Ella @geckopress a perfect series for young readers

Posted: July 31, 2016 in Primary School
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Life according to Dani

By Rose Lagercrantz

Illustrated by Eva Eriksson

ISBN 9781776570713

Gecko Press


I loved the first three books about Dani and book number four is no exception. As first chapter books go for new readers, this is perfect. Great line drawings once again, from illustrator Eva Eriksson break up the text and the font is just the right size, as are the short chapters.

Dani and her father have almost always been on their own ever since mum died. Their relationship is tight and loving.

While this is a stand-alone it does follow on from the previous book When I am happiest where dad had had a terrible accident and was in hospital recovering. While in hospital Dani is sent to stay with her best friend in the world, Ella. Their relationship is also one of enduring love and friendship despite being separated when Ella moved away.  Now together they are having fun fishing and exploring and just enjoying each others company.

Dad rings Dani every night just to chat until one night the phone doesn’t ring. Dani begins to worry and as a character I have grown to adore, I can’t help but feel for her and her concerns that maybe Dad has forgotten her.

Of course he hasn’t but soon after he turns up on the island accompanied by his nurse. His nurse however, is now an important person in his life and Dani has much to deal with and it is a struggle for all concerned.

I love how Ella jumps to Dani’s defense when Dani begins to sulk and gets cross with her father. The honesty of  friendships is so important and I know readers will recognize their own best friends when reading about Dani and Ella.

Another sweet adventure in the life of Dani and her best friend Ella. If you have read the others, you will definitely want the latest. If you haven’t met Dani and Ella, check out this new story and you will be wanting to find the rest.



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