The book with no pictures by B. J. Novak @bjnovak the school library has been buzzing all week – pure delight @penguinbooksnz

Posted: December 3, 2014 in Everyone, Pre-school, Primary School
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The book with no pictures
By B. J. Novak

ISBN 978-0803741713

The book with no pictures has been our book of the week in the school library and what a huge success it has been. The sound of laughter ringing throughout the library is pure delight. All levels have laughed their way through this wonderful book. There is a catch however! You have to read the book with oomph! Put on a monkey voice or a robot voice and go with the flow. I ran out of breath each time I read the page with full on random words. I couldn’t help the urge to speed up and use strange and weird voices.
I believe this is a must have for all primary school libraries and teachers also. It is not just for the humour and simplicity but as a tool for encouraging children to create their own stories. Such a simple concept. Even without pictures I found myself holding the book out as if there were pictures and the children sat there watching and listening creating their own images in their heads.
For more info click here.

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