The forbidden library by @DjangoWexler : a dark & mysterious bookish world of adventure @RHNZ

Posted: April 22, 2014 in Intermediate, Primary School
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The forbidden library
By Django Wexler
Illustrated by David Wyatt (UK edition)


Young Alice happens at the very start of this novel to eavesdrop on a rather heated exchange between her father and a fairy. Not your ordinary run-of-the mill fairy, but a two foot tall fairy with enormous wings and a “mouth full of needle-like teeth, and a long red tongue like a snake’s”.
This exchange is just the start of many events and action which just keep happening.
As with many good adventures it isn’t long before Alice is suddenly orphaned and forced to live with strangers in a very strange place.
Alice finds herself in a magical world where cats can talk and dangerous creatures invade the pages of books in a very large, dark and mysterious library.
There is the very quiet, mysterious and waif-like Emma who attends to Alice but seems just as strange as everything else in Alice’s new world.
Then there is the library where books have their own secrets and dangers and Alice has no choice but to enter a fantastical world of adventure and danger.
Trapped between the pages of the mysterious books Alice must find a way to survive and return to safety in the real world. The pace is steady and enticing and I had to keep reading.
The UK edition offers some wonderful pen and ink illustrations from David Wyatt. The US edition illustrations are also very fine but I must admit I do prefer the UK ones.
This is a great read for children 10-13 who love books, reading and adventure, with a heap of fantasy for good measure.
If you want a taster of this novel check the author’s website here and read the first chapter.The trouble is you know you will want to read more once you start.

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