Unbreakable by Kami Garcia : @kamigarcia I never believed in ghosts. Until one tried to kill me

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Secondary
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The Legion series
By Kami Garcia

Yes! Another ghost story I need to add to my collection. Murder, ghost-hunters and a fast-paced young adult novel.

Kennedy Waters doesn’t believe in ghosts but that all changes when one tries to kill her. The recent death of her mother turns out to be no accident but the result of paranormal forces. Forces which turn out to be everywhere.
Identical twins, Jared and Lukas Lockhart break in to Kennedy’s house destroying a dangerous spirit and telling Kennedy that her mother was a member of a secret society responsible for protecting the world. Kennedy is now forced to join the society and try and find out the truth but just staying alive could be much harder than anything she could ever imagine. Can she do it – I will be getting this book to find out. Ghosts are one of my fave topics.


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