What if…? Great new picture book by Anthony Browne @RHNZ : making new friends

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Pre-school, Primary School
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What if…?
By Anthony Browne

Antony Browne is another of my favourite illustrators so I had no hesitation buying his latest book for school.
Some of us have been reading it again and again this Monday lunch time. Every time we do, we find something new in the pictures. Browne deliberately plays with the reader throwing in pictures within pictures and adding strange things and ideas. My student librarian pointed out, for example, that the elderly man’s cup of tea was actually floating. I’d missed that on my first reading.
In What if…? Joe makes lots of excuses for not going to a party. “What if he doesn’t like the food, or the games, or the people?”
Many children struggle to make new friends and I think this will be a great book to read to those children and open up discussion.
This is a great picture book for children who worry, which seems to be a theme in many of Browne’s books and one he does well.

And here is Anthony Browne talking about his book.


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