All our yesterdays by Cristin Terrill : kill the past to save your future @cristinterrill @KidsBloomsbury

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Secondary
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All our yesterdays
By Cristin Terrill

My lovely son gave me a book voucher for my recent birthday and it has been wonderful being able to buy new books as soon as they hit the shelves (and not feel guilty for doing so). The latest is All our yesterdays which I started reading in the shop and just had to have.

Marina was safe, privileged and falling for James but that was yesterday.
Today Em is stuck in a bare cell with no way out and no comforts. In the cell next to hers is a boy. He may be her only hope as she remembers who she used to be. There’s a drain in the floor which holds the key and the notes she wrote to herself in the past. I love the description of how she unscrews the bolts of the drain. Writing which is vivid and real.
Tomorrow Em must somehow escape and travel back in time. She needs to kill the boy Marina loved. It is the only way to save her future.
I am looking forward to finding time to read this book all the way through. Roll on the weekend.

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