The glass puzzle : MG fantasy adventure by Christine Brodien-Jones @CBrodienJones

Posted: July 5, 2013 in Intermediate, Primary School
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The glass puzzle
By Christine Brodien-Jones
ISBN13: 9780385742979
Due for publication next week.

The cover of this book appealed to me even before I saw the trailer so already it is on my want to read list.
Fantasy, adventure, three kids, and a secret portal leading both ways. Good can get out but evil can get in. And just what or who are those half-human, half-creatures after. The discovery of a glass puzzle unleashes ancient forces that could destroy everything and everyone. Can eleven year old Zoe and her cousin save the day! I sure hope!

  1. Isn’t this trailer awesome? I hope you’ll love the book!


  2. Ali Hewett says:

    I’m catching up on blogs – this book sounds awesome! Just adding it to orders now 🙂 thanks Ali.


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