The boy with two heads : extraordinary new novel from Andy Mulligan @RHNZ

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The boy with two heads

By Andy Mulligan

Eleven year old Richard Westlake wakes up one morning with an extra head growing out from his neck. The speed at which it grows and takes on a life of its own is bewildering for everyone.
The extra head is named Rikki and it becomes abundantly clear that Rikki is nowhere like the quiet, respectful Richard.
Rikki is nasty with absolutely no tact or sense of empathy. He is quite simply, horrible. He is also brutally honest. His honesty leaves him more and more angry with life and friendless.
The solution involves a bunch of medical experts with their own agendas and as the tension builds a sense of horror looms.

This is an extraordinary book for its approach on dealing with life, friends and death.
I sat in my car outside work unable to put the book down at the closing chapters. Yes! There were tears as I closed the book. The ending was emotional but tied everything together beautifully.

This is a great read and although it is about an eleven year old boy, some of the content is more suitable for older and more mature young adult readers.
Andy Mulligan has done it again. I loved his novel Trash and while this is totally different it is another first rate read.

  1. Hi, Thanks for posting this great review. I loved Trash, too, so I shall definitely be getting a copy of this book for the library. Corinne Hinton King’s College


  2. Ali Hewett says:

    I am glad you reviewed this, I wasn’t sure if it was a good fit in my junior part of the library…now I think it will be better in middle/senior. I would love to read it based on your recommendation though!


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