Young Sherlock Holmes by Andrew Lane : great murder mystery series for 10 year olds up

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Intermediate, Secondary
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Young Sherlock Holmes
By Andrew Lane

This series came out in 2010 and many of the students at school are hooked and borrow them all the time leaving me no chance to read them myself. But – I will persist and grab them during the holidays.
As the blurb says – do any of us know the real Sherlock Holmes. Well, this series give us heaps of insight into the character with a good dollop of murders and mystery thrown in the mix.
I think it fits well with mature, able year six readers up although intermediate students will benefit most from these novels, especially those that enjoy a good mystery.

Death cloud Bk 1

It is 1868 and the young Sherlock Holmes is just fourteen. Life is fairly ordinary for this privileged teen until his father is sent to India and his his mother becomes unwell. He is sent to stay with his rather eccentric uncle and aunt. It isn’t long before he is surrounded by trouble. Murder, a kidnapping and corruption and plenty more.

Red leech Book 2
Sercets, assassins and more mystery to solve.

Black ice Book 3
Fire storm Book 4
Snake bite Book 5

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