Far far away by Tom McNeal : Another great ghost story coming soon @randomhousekids

Posted: April 26, 2013 in Intermediate, Secondary
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Far far away
By Tom McNeal

“The strange and fateful tale of a boy, a girl, and a ghost.”
Those who read this blog will know that I love a good ghost story. This book to be published in June has me already excited. Not only is there a ghost but it is the ghost of Jacob Grimm one of the greatest writers of fairy tales. What a combination this is going to be.

Jeremy Johnson Johsnon, yes – that’s his name, hears the voice of the ghost of Jacob Grimm. Unfortunately his admission of this fact has meant the people of Never Better have pretty much treated him as an outside ever since. Life isn’t easy for Jeremy. His mother has left, his father is very much a recluse and the only thing keeping Jeremy going is Jacob. Jacob watches over him protecting him from an evil force. And then there is Ginger Boultinghouse, a local girl who takes an interest in Jeremy. What happens next is a grim chain of events which may or may not have a happy ending.
I am very keen to read this book when it comes out. Ghosts, fairy tales, and a bit of paranormal fantasy. So excited.

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