The Debt : one boy, six tasks, an ancient family debt @AllenAndUnwin

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Secondary
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Catch the Zolt
The Debt Book 1
By Phillipe Gwynne

“Fifteen-year-old Dom is cast out of his comfortable life in the Gold Coast’s Halcyon Grove when he inherits an ancient debt. Now, he has six Herculean tasks to perform”. The Debt is a secret and very powerful organisation that won’t take no for an answer. Action-packed, fast-paced thriller which is sure to connect with young adult males wanting a good read.
There are six books in this new series and the first three are out now. Great way to get readers hooked and wanting more.
Lesson one : don’t mess with the debt
Lesson two : looks can be deceiving
Lesson three : you never know who’s listening

Catch the Zolt

Turn off the lights
Book 2

Bring back Cerberus
Book 3

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