Otis and the puppy by @lorenlong Just perfect for the wee ones.

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Everyone
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Otis and the puppy
By Loren Long

If you haven’t met Otis the tractor yet then you are in for a treat.
I adore Otis. I love his facial expressions and even though I have no family at home now I just had to buy the first two Otis picture books – for me.
In the original Otis, my favourite page of all is where we see Otis’ best friend, the calf from behind just as he is about to be rescued. Without seeing his face you just know the calf is smiling the biggest smile ever. I love it and I confess I have shown the book to everyone wanting a good read for a very young child.
So excited – really at my age – about this new book. Not sure when it will get to New Zealand but you can bet I will be waiting.

Loren Long has the ability to capture the heart and emotions of her characters which is not always easy to do. Very cool!!

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