Emerald Star by J Wilson : Book three in the Hetty Feather trilogy

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Intermediate, Primary School
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Emerald Star
Book 3
By Jacqueline Wilson

I have read a number of Jacqueline Wilson books and enjoyed them. This series differs from many of the dysfunctional stories that have made her a household name. It is historical, set in Victorian England and brings in Hetty’s story with a view to the life of young girls back in the 1800’s.

Hetty Feather is brave and fiesty. She was left in a Foundling Hospital as a baby, has worked in horrible workhouses, suffered tragedy and loss and now in Emerald Star, Hetty is trying to find her father. And if she does, will it all end in tears?
Check out all three trailers and then pop in to your local library or bookstore to get a copy especailly if you are a fan of J. Wilson.

Sapphire Battersea
Book 2

Hetty Feather
Book 1

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