Claudia Gray: two great trailers

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Secondary
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Claudia Gray has been churning out great books for the last few years and she isn’t slowing down. Her latest in the Evernight Academy series is Balthazar.

For centuries, the vampire Balthazar has spent his years, alone and unloved. He agrees to help Skye, a human with secrets, that will put them both in danger. But is he also in danger of falling in love?

Eighteen year old Tess is a maid working for a wealthy family who are now travelling on the HMS Titanic.
On board the Titanic she meets Alec, an upper-class passenger and soon falls in love. They each have their own secrets and must fight the force which is trying to tear them apart.
Very fitting seeing as the Titanic went down 100 years ago on the 14 April 1912.

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