Mythology from Samoa

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Secondary
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Telesa : The covenant keeper
By Lani Wendt Young

This book looks and sounds intriguing. I think the trailer came out before the book. I am having a job trying to track down a physical copy as opposed to a digital version but the city library have it on order so hopefully it will arrive soon.
Telesa are demon women gifted with the powers of the elements. They are vengeful and cruel. When Leila arrives in Samoa, searching for a place to belong, she finds herself caught up between the sisterhood of the Telesa and the beginnings of a romance with Daniel. Mythology, romance and fantasy. Can’t wait! This is a book with a difference.

  1. In NZ the physical book can be purchased from the Auck Univ Bookshop as well as from Wheelers Bks, Academy Books, and is also on Fishpond Books and on trademe. You can also purchase an autographed print copy straight from the author via her website: sleepless in Samoa. Hope this helps.


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